Compressive MP – Implants C3522mp

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This is hybrid form unique designed dental implant. COMPRESSIVE MP implant is created for implantation in to tuber maxillae with additional fixation in the processus pterygoideus of oss sphenoidalis, that has very strong cortical bone. This type of implantation helps to avoid sinus lifting procedures. This is an alternative treatment to zygoma implantation with much easier surgery and more comfortable to the patient prostheses design. COMPRESSIVE MP implant with regular multi-unit type abutment is designed just for screw retained prostheses. Divergence or convergence up to 60˚ is possible between this type of implants because the slope of abutment is 30˚. Implant abutment is also unique because it has 2,5mm ø fixation screw. Such dimensions of the screw gives big mechanical resistance comparing to regular 1.6-1.8mm ø fixation screw that can be found in other systems. Can be used not only for full arc fixed dental prostheses. The implant’s abutment is similar to M abutment or COMPRESSIVE M implant’s abutment.

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Advantages of Compressive MP:

  • Simple placement
  • Rich variety of prosthetic solutions
  • Cement free
  • Immediate loading
  • Excellent primary stability in pterygoid area
  • Resistant to higher loads in comparing with Compressive MS

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