Suture PGLA 2/0 | 75cm | 24 mm | 3.0 | 3/8 circle, reverse cutting

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Braided, violet,synthetic absorbable polyglactin 910 surgical suture,coated

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NEOSORB PGLA Synthetic Absorbable Surgical Suture is indicated for use in general soft tissue approximation and/or ligation, including use in ophthalmic procedures, but not for use in cardiovascular and neurological procedures. NEOSORB PGLA Synthetic Absorbable Surgical Suture elicits a minimal acute inflammatory reaction in tissues, which is followed by gradual encapsulation of the suture by fibrous connective tissue. Progressive loss of tensile strength and eventual absorption of NEOSORB PGLA Synthetic Absorbable Sutures occurs hydrolysis, where the polymer deg rades to glycolic and lactic acids which are subsequently absorbed and metabolized in the body. Absorption begins as a loss of tensile strength without appreciable loss of mass. NEOSORB PGLA retains approximately 50% of the average E.P. tensile strength requirement at the end of the 3nd post implantation week. The absorption of the suture is essentially complete between 56-70 days

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