Suture PROPYLEN 6/0 | 45cm | 12 mm | 0.7 | 3/8 circle, reverse Extra cutting

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Blue Monofilament, non absorbable polypropylen surgical suture

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PROPYLEN surgical sutures are used for soft tissue approximation and ligation, even in ophthalmic, cardiovascular and neurological procedures. It is a tissue compatible material. Implantation of the suture elicits a minimal inflammatory reaction followed by gradual encapsulation by fibrous connective tissue. PROPYLEN is not absorbed nor deg raded and it its tensile strength is not influenced from the action of proteolytic enzymes. As it is relatively biologically inert its use is recommended in cases where minimal tissue reaction is desired. It is especially recommended for use in infected wounds or in wounds with high risk of later infection. PROPYLEN suture is not adherent to the tissues and it can be removed easily and painlessly. Therefore it can be used as a pull out suture. The suture is usually removed in a period of 30 days

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